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Step into a world steeped in history at the Bendicks shop

15.09.21 | News

Bendicks has created a world steeped in heritage and tradition for consumers to visit and explore the fascinating history of the much loved after dinner mint brand.


We are pleased to announce that Bendicks will be opening its doors on the Goodwood Revival High Street. The shop will be open from 17th – 19th September 2021 and the Bendicks team would be delighted to welcome you.

Goodwood Revival really is a magical step back in time. It is the only historic race meeting to be staged entirely in period dress, offering visitors a unique chance to revel in the glamour and allure of motor racing, at one of the of the world’s most famous circuits.

The Bendicks Shop celebrates heritage and tradition, designed on the original Mayfair shop which opened in 1933. Visitors will be able to take in the Bendicks history from when it first opened its doors in to what Bendicks is today.

Bendicks will be showcasing a Limited Edition Bittermints Yard and keepsake tins, the perfect gifts for Christmas, which will be sold exclusively in the shop.  As well as this, the full Bendicks range will also be available to purchase, celebrating the heritage and tradition of this well-loved brand.  In addition, visitors will be able to sample the unique Bendicks Bittermint, still made to its original receipt developed in 1931, an intense mint fondant and 95% cocoa solids chocolate.

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