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06.07.20 | News

Naomi Saddle - Qest Scholar


QEST is the charitable arm of the Royal Warrant Holders Association and was established in 1990 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Association and the 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother

Naomi-Saddle_BookBendicks is proud to be working with QEST by establishing the Bendicks scholarship to support excellence in British craftsmanship.

This year’s scholarship has been awarded to Naomi Sadler who is looking to enhance her existing skills in bookbinding.

The scholarship will enable her to attend courses to learn how to create different style endbands and decorative papers, and to learn leather processes and new techniques to create contemporary fine bindings.

Based in Shropshire, Naomi runs Briar Rose Books, a small bookbinding company providing a wide range of individual services to clients. She carries out book repairs, creates personalised books and diaries and holds workshops for a range of skill levels. She enjoys nothing more than rebinding and recirculating damaged novels as part of her ‘rescue reads’ initiative.


Naomi believes that, with this training, she will be able to offer more to her clients and grow her business. She would like to enter national and international binding competitions, which will allow her to showcase her skills. Her aim is to become established as a skilled bookbinder, becoming part of the larger binding community and championing the craft across the UK.

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