What does '95% cocoa solids' mean?

The cocoa nib is roast and ground into a liquid called mass. Chocolate is made from cocoa mass (this gives the chocolate solid content) and sugar with the addition of an emulsifier (typically Soya Lecithin). The higher the concentrate of cocoa liquor then the higher the % of cocoa solids.

Bendicks uses 95% cocoa solids, in the Bitters range, for a distinctive indulgent chocolate experience.

Are any Bendicks products Kosher?

The full Bendicks range is Kosher parev certified by the London Beth Din and can be distinguished by the Kosher symbol on the back of the pack.

Are Bendicks chocolates suitable for Vegetarians or Vegans?

All Bendicks products are suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans.

What is chocolate and where does it come from?

Chocolate is a food made from the seeds of the tropical tree called the Theobroma Cacao or Cacao tree. These trees grow in warm, moist climates and hence most of the world`s cocoa beans come from West Africa with Ghana, the Ivory Coast and Nigeria being the largest.

What is chocolate bloom?

There are two types of chocolate bloom. The first is fat bloom which is caused by changes in the fat within the chocolate. The second is sugar bloom which is formed by the effect of moisture on the sugar ingredients. The most likely cause of fat or sugar bloom is very warm or damp storage conditions.

How do you store chocolate?

Chocolates are best stored in cool dry ambient conditions (12 – 18 C) away from odorous material and direct sunlight or heat. Changes in the storage temperature are not recommended, as they will affect both the flavour and the life of the chocolate.

How much caffeine is in chocolate?

Caffeine is present in chocolate. Although there is far less caffeine in chocolate than there is in a cup of coffee, if you are avoiding caffeine (for dietary and nutritional reasons) you should unfortunately steer clear of chocolate.

Do any Bendicks products contain wheat based ingredients or gluten?

Bendicks chocolates are gluten-free. However, they do include glucose syrup, which may be derived from a wheat source. The Coeliac Society states that glucose syrup sourced from wheat is suitable for inclusion in a gluten-free diet.

Do Bendicks products contain genetically modified ingredients?

All Bendicks products produced by August Storck KG do not contain genetically modified ingredients. Like most confectionery manufacturers, our chocolate and confectionery recipes contain Lecithin (an emulsifier derived from the soya bean) All of these could potentially have come from genetically modified crops. However, the lecithin, and other ingredients used in our products, are tested and certified at source, that they are GM free.

Are Bendicks products nut free?

Although our products do not use nuts in their recipes and we take the utmost care during production, there is a risk of nut cross contamination in the factory so we cannot guarantee that any of our products are absolutely nut-free.

Why do Bendicks chocolates contain the statement ‘Not suitable for people with nut allergies’?

This is an allergen warning statement. People who are allergic to nuts can have severe reactions to even minor traces of nuts. Although many of our products do not use nuts in their recipes and we take the utmost care production there is a risk of nut cross contamination in the factory so therefore we cannot guarantee that any of our products are absolutely nut-free.

What is Soya Lecithin and why is it in chocolate?

Soya Lecithin is a natural product extracted from the soya bean. It is used as an emulsifier to improve the fluidity of liquid chocolate, ensuring that the ideal chocolate texture and balance is maintained during the manufacturing process. Soya Lecithin is labelled as “Contains Soya” on our product packaging, this is to alert people who are allergic to soya products. The Soya Lecithin that we use is from a non GM source.

Do Bendicks products contain any hydrogenated vegetable fats?

As part of our commitment to using only the finest ingredients no hydrogenated vegetable fats are used in Bendicks recipes.

Where does Bendicks buy its famous mint oil from?

Bendicks uses 4 different types of peppermint oil. The peppermint oil used in Bendicks Bittermints® is grown in the Willamette and Madras regions of Oregon, USA.

Madras Peppermint (well known for its clear, cool, minty character) & Willamette Peppermint (warm, powerful, and smooth minty aroma and taste) are specially blended to create the distinctive Bendicks Bittermint flavour that wonderfully complements the dark, 95% cocoa solids’ chocolate and peppermint oil in the dark mint batons.

Is Bendicks only available in the UK?

You can buy selected Bendicks products in various countries outside of the UK. However, the full Bendicks range is available from our online partner Chocolates Direct and can be shipped worldwide.

Where do you get inspiration for your recipes?

A wide variety of sources - including consumer, taste and flavour trends. All our products are developed to the highest standards and when developing any new chocolate recipes, we always consider what our customers might like.

Where can I buy the Bendicks Bittermint® ‘yard’?

Unfortunately due to lack of consumer demand the Bendicks Bittermint “yard” is no longer available. The Bendicks Bittermints 400g which contains 22 Bittermints can be purchased in Selfridges and Partridges.

Where can I buy Mingles?

Unfortunately, we no longer produce Mingles. Why not try our Mint Collection instead?